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Hands on: Editing

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    For the editing breakout, the main gist is that they create a new two chapter book in in their sandbox. They should learn to:

    1. Enter Edit mode of a blank page from Remixer breakout
    2. Write in page your favorite song and singer/band
    3. Save page
    4. Edit page and copy and paste the first paragraph of wikipedia's entry on LibreTexts ( onto your page
    5. Make the first "LibreTexts" word hyperlink to the this site:
    6. Drag the Libretexts logo from the WIkipedia page onto your desktop and then drag onto your page (in edit mode) and save
    7. Edit page and insert video (via elements menu). Add this video to your page:
    8. Save your page
    9. (optional) Add table (elements)
    10. (optional) Add boxes (via elements -> templates)